Our Team


Shae feltz - owner / ceo

Highly goal driven and motivated, leadership is in his blood. Shae has had experience running small businesses from a very early age, something which his zeal and deliberate actions are indicative of. When not at work Shae enjoys various outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, and hunting as well as spending time with his family. Given his affable nature Shae also enjoys spending time with and getting to know his employees when time permits for relaxing!


Emerson Drapac - CTO / Security Analyst

A passionate mind, Emerson strives ever to be a subject matter consultant of NOTICS. Academia is something of a second life to him. When not pouring over books, he likes to balance his life through cooking and going to the gym.


Kevin chen - director, sales & marketing

Dedicated worker, constantly finding solutions to problems. Kevin is highly motivated to strive to excel at whatever he puts his time into. He is very patient and along with great people skills. Outside of the work environment you can catch Kevin reading or at the gym


Joey novak - social media manager

Very ambitious with an excellent mind for business. Joey is a very out of the box thinker and is always seeing things that others do not, his very charismatic personality combined with impeccable work ethic makes him a great addition to our NOTICS team. Away from work Joey enjoys being in the outdoors whether it is on the lake in the summer, or hunting in the fall.

Jeremy Klein - technical Sales

I am currently a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato focused on a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems. Skilled in Problem Solving, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Systems Analysis. Strong interests in data analytics, business intelligence, and product ownership.


Jack Ryan - technical Sales