All Your Solutions in One Place

NOTICS Systems and Security employs an employee base with large breadth and depth of skills. As such, while we can strive to summarize what services we provide, this list is by no means exhaustive. We understand that each job is unique and may need to utilize a service not listed on this page. No worries, we have you covered! Custom services are always welcome. Without further ado, some of the services we offer include…

  • Vendor-Neutral Hardware installation

  • Internal network speed tests

  • Security Camera Installations

  • Desktop/Laptop/Server Benchmarking

  • File system security audits

  • Network and Permissions audits

  • External/Internal Penetration tests

  • Windows Server installation and Services configuration (AD, RADIUS etc)

  • Full Systems Consultation (Server/Endpoint Benchmarking, Security Audit, Permissions Audit)

  • Device Repair (Cellphone, Desktops etc)