About Us

“we would absolutely love to help you with that”


We at NOTICS Systems & Security take what we do seriously. IT is our passion, but we understand it isn’t everyone’s, and that’s O.K that’s what we’re here for! We understand that you’re a busy professional who is currently tasked with juggling both your daily routine as well finding a cost effective and efficient solution to an identified IT need. Let us help you! With a diverse clientele and service base, we understand the need for customized services. From full package configurations to special services, we have something for everyone.

In general, it begins with a consultation session. You tell us what you need and we will work alongside your organization to create a unique plan that maps your needs to their associated business processes. Once all needs have been identified, we use that to define the scope of our project and perform an initial assessment that evaluates how well your current IT infrastructure supports these needs. Based on an analysis of the findings, we then present a summarized report as well as our professional recommendation for solutions. 

Post Consultation, the choice is yours! We would love to assist in implementing any, or all of the identified solutions but give you the choice to choose as many or as few services as you like. We believe that it this modular approach is key to businesses in the 21st century whose needs grow and change every day.